Introducing  SOUQ MNASATI: Your  Gateway  to  Thriving E-commerce

Are you a vendor looking to take your business to new heights without the burden of hefty commission fees? Look no further! Welcome to SOUQ MNASATI, the exclusive marketplace in Kuwait and the MENA region that stands apart with its 0% commission on all payment transactions. Join us and experience a marketplace like no other, right at your fingertips on both iPhone and Android devices.

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​​​​​​​Zero % Commission

At SOUQ MNASATI, we believe in empowering vendors. Thatʼs why we charge absolutely no commission on your sales. Keep 100% of your hard-earned profits and watch your businessText here

​​​​​​​Diverse Business Categories

We bring together over 4,500 stores from Kuwait and across the entire GCC
region, spanning more than 25 business categories. No matter what you sell,
youʼll find a home for your products under our marketplaceʼs wide-reaching

Seamless Integration

If youʼre already subscribed to MANSATI E-Commerce services, youʼre in for a treat! As a MANSATI vendor, you receive a free subscription to SOUQ MNASATI. Expand your reach and tap into a new selling channel with a massive user base eagerly waiting to discover your offerings.

High Traffic of Users

SOUQ MNASATI boasts a dedicated user base from all corners of the globe. With high traffic and a diverse audience, youʼll have the opportunity to introduce your products to a wide range of potential customers.

Vendor-Focused Benefits

Joining SOUQ MNASATI opens the door to numerous advantages for your business: Increased Visibility: Gain exposure to a large and diverse customer base thatʼs actively seeking products like yours.

Marketing Assistance

Our marketplace provides tools and resources to help you market your products effectively, ensuring you reach the right audience.

Global Reach

Expand beyond local markets and reach customers regionally and internationally.
User-Friendly Interface: Our user-friendly platform makes it easy to list, manage, and update your products.

Secure Transactions

We prioritize the security of your transactions, giving both you and your customers peace of mind

Hassle-Free Setup

Getting started with SOUQ MNASATI is a breeze. All what u need to have an active subscription with MNASATI e-commerce services.

Dedicated Support

Our team is here to support you every step of the way. Whether you have questions or need assistance, our responsive customer support is just a click away.

Join the Revolution

Donʼt miss out on the opportunity to be part of the marketplace revolution. SOUQ MNASATI is changing the game for vendors, offering a commission-free platform where your business can truly thrive.

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